WordPress plugin of the day: Tweet

The Tweet plugin does two things; it rewrite Twitter usernames starting with @ and hashtags starting with # so that they automatically link to either the Twitter userpage or the Twitter searchpage. Very usefull for any modern blogger, but especially if you import your top tweets from your Twitter account into your blog … Judging by the ‘empty’ links above; it works a bit too well!

WordPress plugin of the day: Admin Menu Editor

Yesterdays plugin worked almost perfectly, but our editor was still seeing a few menu items he wasn’t supposed to. We used the Admin Menu Editor to change permissions needed for those menu items, thus making them disappear from the menu.

It’s typical for plugins to have their options under the Options or Extra menu items, but with a too low capabilities. We changed the edit_pages capability to manage_options so that only administrators could see them. The Admin Menu Editor plugin is also very handy for rearranging menu items and for renaming them.

WordPress plugin of the day: Capability Manager

The great plugin Capability Manager allows you to change the default WordPress roles and create a few new ones as you see fit. We used it recently to allow an editor to create and modify users and remove the unused links section in the backend by removing the links capabilities.

WordPress plugin of the day: Advanced Excerpt

WordPress’ post excerpt is by default nothing more than a shortened plain text version of your posts content and sometimes that can be too limiting. Enter Advanced Excerpt to give you full control over the excerpt; allow certain HTML tags, adjust the length by word or character count, add your own read-more text, etc.

WordPress plugin of the day: p2pConverter

Created a few dozen pages that in hindsight should have been posts? It even happens to the best (that’s us) and fortunately there’s a handy WordPress plugin out there that can fix this for you: p2pConverter.

WordPress plugin of the day: Regenerate Thumbnails

During the development of a website you might need to change the sizes of your thumbnails to match designs change, unfortunately your thumbnails won’t automatically resize and that’s when this plugin comes in handy. With one click of a button (and a cup of coffee later) your thumbnails will be … regenerated.

WordPress plugin of the day: Resize at Upload Plus

This plugin does exactly what it says: it will resize images at upload. Works great when uploaders have a tendency to upload multimegapixel images directly from their camera 😉 We prefer a maximum size of 1280 pixels.

Download it here; wordpress.org/extend/plugins/resize-at-upload-plus/